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Troy and Bryan (presumed last name: Rutger) are two troublesome twin boys who broke into the Murder House and vandalized it, only to be brutally slaughtered by the Infantata. They now reside in the house along with its other ghosts, forever trapped in a state of limbo. They are characters in the first season (dubbed by fans "Murder House") primarily portrayed by Kai and Bodhi Schulz.


In 1978, the twins ignore young Adelaide Langdon's warning ("You're gonna die in there.") and break into the Murder House, which is now abandoned. Troy and Bryan proceed to demolish the house, and finally enter the basement, where they find jars with body parts, which scare the twins. They attempt to leave but are murdered by the Infantata before they get to escape.

They appear to have maintained a friendship with Adelaide as she sees them numerous times as ghosts.

Personality and Appearance[]

They are identical, tall and lanky boys with pasty skin, freckles and red hair. They both have braces. Both wear identical shirts, but Troy's shirt is red striped while Bryan's shirt is green striped. They also wear high-waist blue jeans and braces, their voices slur slightly when talking, this is very likely due to their braces. They have flashlights in their back-pockets and are swinging baseball bats. Troy and Bryan are seen playing with bang snaps. They appear to have been troublesome neighborhood kids as they were vandalizing the abandoned Murder House at the time of their deaths.


The boys are introduced and killed in the opening sequence. They are later seen (by the audience) playing with Adelaide in the kitchen (opening all the cabinets), as well as emerging from behind Vivien, though it is clear Vivien did not see them.[1]

They were throwing eggs at Ben.[2]

They are seen returning to the house with the other ghosts after their free Halloween's night.[3]

They are the first ghosts among the multitude that appear to Violet, and are running through the basement.[4]

When Vivien goes into labor, they are seen destroying Ben's car to prevent him from taking Vivien to the hospital. They may have also been the ones to disrupt the phone lines to prevent Ben from calling for medical assistance. Ben finally notices the bad scars and slashes on their bodies, which startles him, but he is then pulled away by Constance to go to Vivien before he can confront them.[5]

When the Ramos come to view the house after the Harmons passed, Troy and Bryan mess with their son Gabe by pushing him off his skateboard and throwing their bang snaps.[6]

They suddenly appeared in front of Maya, Erin, Rowena and Nicole to scare them.[7]

They later appear outside to Michelle who rents the house on Halloween, whom she mistakens as trick or treaters dressed in costumes.


  • At no point were the boys given a last name onscreen.
  • Kai Schulz plays Bryan, whilst Bodhi Schulz plays Troy.
  • Ryan Murphy has a history of using both redheads and twins.
    • Popular had the Tuna twins.
    • Emma on Glee comes from a long line of carefully bred gingers.
    • Also on Glee are Kendra's triplet sons, all with red hair despite the fact that neither Kendra nor her husband, Phil, have red hair.


  • To Adelaide: "We've got bats."



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