"True Killers" is the fourth episode of 1984. It premiered October 9, 2019.


Mr. Jingles closes in on the one who got away as the counselors rally to escape Camp Redwood.[1]


During a flashback, Montana is teaching an aerobics class full of men for the night. While instructing her students, Richard Ramirez stumbles inside. He catches Montana's eye, who promptly tells him that her class isn't for posers. While the two discuss, they are interrupted by one of the students, Rod, who complains about the music choice for the class. Montana ends up turning the music up louder and insults Rod. Rod leaves the class in a huff over Montana's actions.

After the class ends, Montana goes to her locker to get ready to leave. However, she is shocked to discover Rod, disemboweled and strung up on the ceiling. Richard appears from behind, asking her if she liked his surprise. Montana is turned on by Richard killing Rod and the two proceed to kiss. Later on, after a session of lovemaking, Montana asks if Richard would kill for her. Ramirez undoubtedly says yes. Montana requests him to kill Brooke Thompson because she believes she's responsible for her brother's death, Sam. Montana believes that Brooke did sleep with Sam and lied about it. Ramirez agrees to kill Brooke for her.

Fast forward to the current events, Montana confronts Richard on why he hasn't killed Brooke yet and explains that Mr. Jingles is at the camp. Trevor and Xavier take an injured Chet inside one of the cabins. Chet soon falls unconscious after losing so much blood. Trevor decides to stab Chet in the chest with epinephrine pen in hopes of waking him up. Chet jolts up in an adrenaline rush. Trevor explains that they need Montana and Ray to arrive with the cops. Chet explains that Ray left him to die and was responsible for a death back in L.A. Xavier suddenly remembers Blake and that his keys are still in his vehicle. Trevor suggests taking Margaret and Bertie with them. Xavier agrees and decides to fetch Bertie, while Trevor goes to get Margaret.

Trevor finds Margaret outside and she is horrified by the dead bodies of the local townie pranksters. Trevor tries to convince Margaret to come with him to escape the camp, but Margaret refuses. Xavier finds Bertie making sandwiches in the mess hall. He tries to convince Bertie that they are in danger and she needs to come with him. Bertie doesn't believe Xavier initially. However, after hearing the sound of keys, Xavier hides under the table. Mr. Jingles walks in much to Bertie's surprise. Bertie starts to nervously chat with Mr. Jingles while she makes him a sandwich. However, their conversation is interrupted when Xavier accidentally makes a noise and Mr. Jingles is suddenly aware of his presence. Mr. Jingles tries to kill Xavier until Bertie interferes by striking him with a kitchen utensil. However, it doesn't work and Mr. Jingles maims Bertie. Mr. Jingles places Xavier into an oven, leaving him to cook in the heat.

Brooke wakes up and starts to run away. However, she runs into a net trap. Donna confronts her, telling Brooke that she placed traps everywhere on the camp. Donna leaves Brooke so Mr. Jingles can find her.

While Xavier screams for help, an injured Bertie is able to release Xavier from the oven. Xavier wants to get help, but Bertie places a knife to her chest, implying that she wants Xavier to kill her out of mercy. A tearful Xavier does so and is devastated. He is shocked to find out that his face is also badly burnt.

Brooke cries for help and Montana finds her hanging up in the net. Brooke explains that Donna isn't really Rita and she is working with Mr. Jingles. Montana pretends to help Brooke by fetching something to cut down the net, but she leaves her so Ramirez can finally kill her.

Margaret is in her cabin and she finds a wooden bear statue. In a flashback to 1970, Margaret encounters Benjamin, who she called Benji, whittling away on the bear statue. He gives her the bear so it's able to protect her. Midge and the rest of the counselors make fun of the pair, leaving Margaret upset. Margaret asks Richter if he's willing to protect her and Richter confirms that he would protect her at any cost.

Montana finds Ramirez trying to contact Satan through a ritual. She interrupts him and explains that Brooke is in a vulnerable spot. While Brooke awaits for Montana, she spots Ramirez and goes into a panic. However, Richter shows up at the same moment. Ramirez and Richter battle each other. Montana finds Donna and begins to fight her, knowing she isn't actually Rita. During the fight, Richter is able to overpower Ramirez and impales his head through a tree branch.

Margaret is seen praying in her cabin, when Richter enters inside. Margaret inquires what he is doing at the camp and Richter explains he's here to finished what he's started. Margaret decides to reveal that she was responsible for the massacre and placed the blame on Richter due to Richter failing to keep his promise to protect her. Richter is in disbelief and recounts his torture at the asylum because no one believed his innocence. Richter decides to kill Margaret, but is shot by her several times in the chest.

Montana catches up with Trevor and Chet. However, upon hearing the gunshots, Trevor goes to get Margaret believing that she may be in trouble. Trevor goes to her cabin and is surprised to see that Margaret has shot Richter. However, Margaret stabs Trevor to make it look like he was killed by Richter. Though, Margaret is shocked when she turns around to see Richter's body is missing.

Xavier makes his way out of the mess hall and is frightened when he sees Richter. Brooke runs into him and Richter is nowhere to be found. The two run back to Blake's car, only to find it on fire.

Ramirez is resurrected by Satan in front of a stunned Donna who witnesses the entire thing. Ramirez smirks at her once he is fully risen.

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Rod is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by John DeLuca. Rod was at a arobotics class where he gets in a small fight with Montana ending with Montana telling him to suck it. Ramierez later kills him making Montana start dating Ramierez.


  • Bertie: "Kitchen's closed, hon. Unless you're looking for a little midnight snack."
  • Donna: "Textbook victim mentality, seeking safety in numbers."
  • Donna: "I promise you'll be remembered as a feminist hero."
  • Helen: "Aww, looks like the two freaks found each other."
  • Margaret
    Are you my bear, Benji?
    I'd do anything to protect you.
  • Ramirez: "A campfire legend in the goddamn flesh!"
  • Ramirez: "The blood you've spilled at this place is eternal!"
  • Richter
    I am the monster that you made me!
    No. You were just a guy who was in the wrong place at the right time.
  • Margaret: "Oh, that feels so good! I haven't done that in 14 years."

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Cultural References

  • Billy Idol is mentioned by Montana. His song "Rebel Yell" can be heard during the workout session.
  • Cindy Lauper is mentioned by Rod when he suggests her music instead of "this metal shit" during workouts.

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