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We're never getting out.
Corey Bachman[src]

Twisty's Bus is a location in Freak Show. It refers to the abandoned bus in a forest near Jupiter, Florida where Twisty held his captives. It was later used by Twisty's acolyte, Dandy Mott.


The bus was used as a home base by Twisty at least since his disgraced return to Jupiter. It was here that he built his "whirligigs" and attempted the suicide that resulted in his terrifying disfigurement. Upon his descent into murderous madness, it became a holding cell for his kidnap victims. Once Dandy Mott ingratiated himself to the killer clown by assisting in the capture of his escaped prisoners he would frequently return to join the mayhem. He essentially took ownership upon Twisty's death and would use the site as a kill room.


Twisty captured Bonnie Lipton and Corey Bachman and held them here for several weeks, feeding them little or nothing. On All Hallow's Eve, the prison became overpopulated by Twisty's kidnapping of "Master Mike"  and Dandy's capture of interlopers Jimmy Darling and Maggie Esmerelda.


Dandy lured Andy to the bus on the pretence of a sexual escapade and then stabbed and dismembered the gigolo.