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Twisty's the title character. Who else are they gonna put on the cover?
Ally Mayfair-Richards to Oz Mayfair-Richards[src]

Twisty: The Clown Chronicles is a series of comic books published in the American Horror Story universe, whose stories are based on in-universe real-life murders of Twisty, a serial killer active in the 1950s Jupiter, Florida.

Oz Mayfair-Richards is a greedy reader of these comic books, though he does not have permission from his moms to read it, especially because Ally suffers from coulrophobia, fear of clowns.[1]



  • The price visible on the cover is 10 cents.
  • The comic was the basis for one of the seventh season's promotional teaser as well as one of the pre-season clues.[2]
  • In the comic book that Ally gives to Oz in "Drink the Kool-Aid", Pepper, Jimmy Darling and Meep can be seen on the cover along with Twisty.