So I recently started watching American Horror Story and I must say Evan Peters truly is one of the greatest actors I have ever watched. He can acurately portray any character they throw at him. I honestly have never watched anyone capable of becoming several different characters realistically. One of my personal favorite characters that he plays is Tate Langdon. I don't know why but there is just something so caring and protective about him that just makes my heart melt. He had such a strange story and was such a sad soul who just wanted someone to love them and Violet did and then found out he did something and just left. Ugh I honestly just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry because then he said he'd wait forever for Violet and I just wanted to cry from happiness because he said that but she didn't even care or do anything because she stopped loving him and I just wanted to cry  UGHHHHHH.  I finished Asylum and OMG Kit Walker completely stole my heart and I don't even care. He just had such a sad story because he was blammed for all these murders he didn't commit and then he had to stay at Briarcliff. and then ugh his wife dies and he falls in love with Grace and then she dies and then they both come back with children and then Grace dies and Alma has to go to Briarcliff and then Kit has to raise both kids alone and then he ends up having cancer and being taken back by the alien creature things. I am now on Coven and I'm on the second episode and Zoe and Madison are about to resurect Kyle and I am actually gonna cry from happiness yayyayya. 

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