As Asylum comes to a close, we look back on some of the parts of the story that worked, and the parts that fizzled. Whether you think of them as Briarcliff Manor's security system (which was somehow never noticed by Sister Jude!) or as troubled souls contorted by a sadist, Arden's creations are part of a more basic controversy: what do we call them?

Production (aka, the people who make the show) call them Raspers. That word was never used on the show, much like the characters in a zombie film or television never use the word "zombie", by tradition. They also used the name "Infantata" to describe what became of poor Thaddeus Montgomery. No character used that name during Murder House. Yet Infantata gets a page named after him, and the Raspers / Creatures / Carnivorous Humanoid Overground Arboreal Dwellers ("CHOAD"s) don't. Yet.

So, let's hear from you. 

Results as of 2013-03-31: Raspers are a go.

If Raspers gets approved, then Spivey and Shelley join the ranks of Category:Raspers.

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