Ever wonder what exactly happended after the apocalypse? I mean yeah sure Mallory may have performed Tempus infinituum successfully but what if she never truly stopped the apocalypse? Hear me out, what if she somehow created a whiole new timeline without Michael Langdon? Most importanlty, what if the old timeline still exists just not within her knowledge. See Mallory thinks she reversed the apocalypse BUT I beg to differ. She simply left that timeline.

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Ok But What Does This Mean

Lets say statistically the apocalypse still exists in a separate timeline that Mallory had created. Now you have to remeber that each and evry witch was murdered by Michael and the only one we saw left was Myrtle Snow. We can assume he killed her right after Mallory left or what if he did'nt? What does this mean for Myrtle Snow?

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Myrtle would have been left behind alone. Even worse with a man. This means she would have seen her beloved "daughter" die. She would watch Michael dispose of her body with zero remorse or respect. This would be devastating for Myrtle. Hopeless and heartbroken that she lost what little family she had, Michael offers her a deal. He offers "Myrtle Snow, I offer a proposition. Serve me and you live". Myrtle would stand still with no expression as tears rush down her face. "Why fight darling, I have no one left. I have no chance at rising against you. As much as I hate to admit it....I have been defeated by a man". So she excepts his offer and sits at his table every night. Since the events of the failed rescue mission she will not speak nor aknowledge Michael. She mourns everday for her lost sisters Michael fed to the monsters outside. Myrtle misses the old world. She would give anything to at least be in the presence of Fiona again. As if things coul'nt be any worse Michael fully revives Miss Meed and Venible. Not to mention most staff members of the outpost. (discarding Greys and Purples.) So Myrtle resides in this world all alone surrounded by people who worship Michael.

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But why did Myrtle stay? Would'nt she rather accept death than serve Michael? Not neccesarily. Mrytle Snow wants nothing more than to see the smile fade from Michaels face as she is saved and he is defeated. Does this mean there is  still hope? Maybe. If Mallory can leave the timline then maybe she can go back and bring Myrtle with her. Who knows. Overall, Myrtle keeps her head held high and awaits her rescue.

In conclusion, who knows if the apocalypse can ever be stopped. Mallory may retrieve Myrtle but until then she will wait. Now lets say this were to all happen again. Then she would create another timeline. She could do this repeatedly and the fate of the world would only get worse. Imagine all those antichrists getting together. Bad news. 

The witches arrive at outpost 3.

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