I know what you've heard. None of last seasons characters would be returning this year. It's true. However, many roles are back and going strong.

The Dark Mater

Sr. Jude is this seasons Constance. The role of both is to provide a juicy character for Jessica Lange to sink her teeth into. They are both strong women with wicked pasts.

The Lovers

The Kit/Grace pairing fills the gap left by Tate/Violet. Once again we see Evan Peters play out the drama of a young man uncertain whether he's a multiple murderer and his developing romance with a strange girl. Only this time the girl may have the darker past.

The Unknown Killer

Now that Rubber Man has been unmasked, Bloody Face must take his place. Will this years reveal top the last?

The Creature

Raspers isn't as cool or mysterious a moniker as Infantata but they still do a nice job of filling the role of ravenous flesh-eaters created by a mad doctor. Oh yeah. That reminds me.

The Mad Doctor

When you bring Charles Montgomery front and center you get Dr. Arthur Arden. The former used cold science to give eternal life to someone he loved. Has the latter used the same to give eternal life to someone he hates?

The Crazy Bitch

Sr. Mary Eunice may turn out to be crazier than her Season 1 counterpart but then Hayden didn't have demon possession as an excuse. She had Harmon obsession instead.

The Succubus

No pun intended in the heading but while there's a difference between nymphomaniac Shelley and the temptress that is young Moira there's no denying that the two are on par when it comes to the time spent on their knees.[1]

The Adonis

Boy-toy Travis was a plaything for Constance to undress. Volunteer Daniel stood idle as Lana played with his thing under duress.

The Elaboration

Last year the writers got to play around with the unsolved murder of the Black Dahlia. Are they now creating an alternate history for Anne Frank or do they have another ace up their sleeves?

Killer Fanatics

Murder House had the home invading reenactors of the R. Frankilin murders. Asylum has thrill killers Devon, Cooper, Joey and perhaps more playing Bloody Face.


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