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V is a woman. She is a character in You're Going To Die In There.


V is a woman, as revealed on the radio in the study. She appears to have been an anthropologist. It is clear from numerous letters she left behind that she is married to (someone she perceives as) a very untidy person. From the extremely elaborate cleaning lists found on the wall, it can be assumed that V suffered from very serious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Under the "Perfect Clean List", it is noted that possible murders took place, as there are cleaning items such as Bleach and Enzyme Cleaner on it. There also numerous blood-covered bottles near the window. It is written that a body has been removed (or several bodies, as it is written more than once).

Petri dishes spelling UNCLEAN are found on the chest, written by her. Another theory is that both V and her husband would commit murders, and V would constantly be paranoid that leaving too much evidence or prints would lead to their downfall. From the letters, it is also known that V had a family. They could have been referring to her husband or even possible children. From the letters it is also shown that V thinks of her husband as "filthy" in his morals. A thing to note is on the laptop, a note written by V connects sexuality and the cleanliness of morals. One of her letters mentions that microorganisms colonized their bed, suggesting her husband may have cheated on her.

In an audio file V left behind, she mentions that she could no longer stand the filth oozing out of "them", despite her best efforts to keep the House clean. So she was forced to "clean them out". This suggests that she murdered her family for being dirty.


The letters found from V are:


Remember to deconaminate your hands after every touch. 'There is so much dirt all around you, on your skin and inside of you.

We all must do our part to keep clean.



You have needs, I have needs.

The scrub, antiseptic and gloves serve both our needs.

Three times before touch.



I remember a time when none of this mattered. We were pure and your love protected me. Then came the filth. I need you to know that I did all this to protect our home and family. But, it was inside you. Even in the beginning. I was just blind to it.



Microorganisms have colonized this bed and I can only do so much to control this problem. Please complete a full decontamination treatment before bed,

Respect the regimen and things will get better.



We can't trust the barrier anymore. It came from a factory with hands and mouths.

The filth always finds a way in.



Please wear gloves and follow procedures.

(I found fingerprints on the door...

Did you think I wouldn't know?!)



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