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Valiant Thor is the ambassador for the extraterrestrials, organizing the kidnappings of innocent human victims and carrying on messages of alien higher-ups. He is behind the kidnappings of thousands of innocent American citizens, including Kit Walker and Pepper Gayheart. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Cody Fern.


Valiant Thor is the android ambassador of the extraterrestrials. He constructed and created the entire kidnapping plot of thousands of American citizens, and was also the secret lover of Mamie Eisenhower.

Personality and Appearance[]

Valiant Thor is an incredibly intelligent and strategic form of the extraterrestrials with a sociopath-like tendency, as he seems to show little to no emotion ever. He also appears sadistic and extremist-like, especially in the form of his "distractions". He strives for his goal of alien re-population, even if it means sleeping with the First Lady to achieve it. He is a tall, fleshy android with gelled black hair and glossed lips. He almost always wears a black suit with a black tie and leather shoes.


Valiant Thor is the mastermind behind the aliens' strategy to avoid extinction by conducting experiments on human beings to create a hybrid of alien and human. Their initial experiment involves aviator Amelia Earhart, who is abducted during her famous transatlantic flight and impregnated. Despite returning her to Earth, 25 years have passed in Earth time, and she dies while giving birth to a deformed mutant, which the government conceals in Area 51. To gather "specimens" for their experiments, Valiant Thor strikes a deal in 1954 with U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to provide cutting-edge technology - later known as the iPhone - in exchange for allowing the aliens to abduct and experiment on American citizens. Initially appalled, Eisenhower eventually agrees when Valiant Thor threatens to harm his wife, Mamie.

Unbeknownst to Eisenhower, Mamie is complicit in the aliens' plans, permitting them to conduct experiments beneath the White House in exchange for eternal life. When Eisenhower stumbles upon the experiments, he is repulsed, especially upon discovering Mamie and Valiant Thor engaging in intimate relations. Despite his disgust, Mamie manipulates him into compliance, arguing that revealing the truth would brand him as a lunatic. Following Kennedy's assassination, Valiant Thor and Nixon meet with Lyndon B. Johnson at Area 51, where Valiant Thor presents the hybrids created by the aliens.

Following Eisenhower's passing, Valiant Thor conceals Mamie beneath Area 51, where the aliens store the specimens alongside Dr. Calico, another human collaborator in their scheme. Throughout the years, Valiant Thor influences various significant events in U.S. history, such as Marilyn Monroe's death and JFK's assassination, both orchestrated due to Kennedy's knowledge of the alien plot; the Moon landing, which he fabricates; the Vietnam War, and the many disappearances of Briarcliff Manor institutionalized patients. When Nixon threatens to expose the aliens, Valiant Thor manipulates him into ordering the Watergate burglary, has Mamie expose Nixon's corruption to reporter Bob Woodward as "Deep Throat", and uses a rectal probe to torture Nixon into resigning.

By the year 2021, the extraterrestrial beings have come close to achieving their 60-year-long experiment of creating a flawless hybrid species. In their pursuit, they abduct four individuals who were camping together, named Kendall Carr, Jamie Howard, Troy Lord and Cal Cambon. Under the guidance of Theta, the closest aliens have ever gotten to a perfect hybrid, they forcefully impregnate those captive. Unfortunately, Troy and Cal's attempts at giving birth to hybrids end tragically. Theta eliminates Troy's newborn as it does not meet her expectations, while Cal's newborn immediately turns hostile and attacks him upon birth. Consequently, Theta orders the execution of both Troy and Cal. Working alongside Theta, Valiant Thor succeeds in his mission to breed the ultimate hybrid of aliens and humans using Kendall's baby. In a surprising twist, they terminate Kendall's life and repurpose her body as a machine for continuous birthing, programmed to produce a new hybrid every hour.


  • To the United States government: "The reason my species traveled billions of miles to live here is because our planet looks an awful lot like this; Barren, empty, full of death."
  • To Lyndon B. Johnson and his men in black: "This is what the future holds, gentlemen. Do you want it or not?"
  • To Mamie Eisenhower: "Distractions can come in many forms."


  • Valiant is the third character portrayed by Cody Fern. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • Valiant Thor is based on a mysterious individual of the same name at the center of several conspiracy theories regarding UFOs and the US government involvement in extraterrestrials affairs.
  • Valiant can be considered one of the overarching antagonists of Asylum, considering him organizing the kidnapping of humans which included Kit Walker and Pepper Gayheart, amongst others.
  • Valiant Thor is the second antagonist that Cody Fern had portrayed, the first being Michael Langdon from Apocalypse.