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Let me show you real power. Let's go into the greenhouse right now and I'll bring Zoe back to life.
Madison Montgomery[src]

Vitalum Vitalis is the power to balance the scales of life and death. It is one of the Seven Wonders that appears in Coven and Apocalypse.


Vitalum Vitalis is used to balance the scales of life and death. This can be used by either draining one's own life force to restore a dying person's health or to cure injuries and diseases, or even resurrect a recently dead person. Unlike Resurgence, Vitalum Vitalis uses the witch's own life force to bring the dead back to life, which may cause the user to pass out, though the life force eventually restores itself. The Supreme Witch does not have these consequences when using this. Vitalum Vitalis can also be used to drain the life force of other living things too.

Fiona Goode used this when she sucked the life out of David Zhong through a kiss after he could not make her a youth drug. She regained her youth and looked younger, but this only lasted for a few minutes. She used it the other way after Queenie was killed by the Minotaur to bring her back before her soul went to the afterlife. She used this again when roaming around the hospital after Cordelia's acid attack where she stumbled into a crying mother whose baby had died. After forcing the mother to tell the baby she would always love it, she brought the baby back to life, much to the mother's delight. Zoe Benson used this power to resurrect a homeless man who Kyle killed in a fit of rage for being rude to them.

After Zoe was killed during the Trial of Transmutation, Queenie and Madison, took turns trying to resurrect her using Vitalum Vitalis. Queenie went first and was unable to, disqualifying her from the test. Madison was able to but didn't, much to everyone's shock. She instead used her ability to kill and then resurrect a fly. After being scolded by Myrtle Snow and Cordelia, she told them off, telling them Zoe 'lost fair and square'. This was when Myrtle then encouraged Cordelia to participate in the Seven Wonders, as she had 'royal blood' in her. After completing all the other tests, Cordelia used Vitalum Vitalis to resurrect Zoe, bringing her back to life. She then collapsed due to the strain, but then evetually allowing her to ascend to the Supremacy.

The young candidate for Supreme during the Seven Wonders skit was able to give another witch some of her life force which resulted in one of her hands to age.[1]

After the slaughter in Miss Robichaux's Academy caused by Michael Langdon and Miriam Mead, Cordelia Goode returned in astral form to try bringing her girls back to life but could not be to Langdon's destruction of their souls.[2]

Cordelia used this power to bring Mallory, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, and Dinah Stevens to life after Mallory and Dinah were poisoned and Coco was killed by her boyfriend.[3] She used it at a so advanced level that she could revive all three of them at once without fainting.

After being stabbed by BrockCordelia attempted to use Vitalum Vitalis on Mallory, but later invoked The Sacred Taking to revive her.[4]

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  • Vitalum Vitalis is featured in two seasons of American Horror Story: Coven and Apocalypse
  • Vitalum Vitalis is quite similar to the Last Kiss also known as the kiss of life, a magic rite or power practiced by the red priests of the Lord of Light in the fantasy-novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. When a person died, priests fill their mouth with fire and breath flame into the deceased, reviving them back to life. 
  • It is reasonable to confuse Vitalum Vitalis with Resurgence as both have become very similar in nature. However, Resurgence is the more powerful form of resurrection between the two abilities. Resurgence is powerful enough to bring a long decaying dead person back to life and can allow the user to even self resurrect. Vitalum Vitalis, on the other end, has a smaller duration of which it can be used as the deceased must be nearly dying or have just died. Vitalum Vitalis can also be used to drain someone's life force.
  • Vitalum Vitalis cannot be performed if the soul of the target is burned by hellfire or hiden by Soul Concealment Spell. It was proven when Cordelia tried to resurrect Zoe and Queenie after the later two were killed on the assault orchestrated by Michael Langdon and Ms. Meade, with the help of the Voodoo Queen Dinah Stevens. If Vitalum Vitalis is attempted, the souls/bodies of the intended target will just vanish into thin air.
  • It is revealed that this power can be used even if the user is in astral form, as seen in the case of Cordelia Goode.[2]
  • It is revealed that Vitalum Vitalis also can be used on a person who is nearly dying in order to keep them alive, as Cordelia does with Mallory​.[4] 



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