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Template:Test The Warlocks' Evaluation is a common test performed by all students at Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men, where their powers are tested; usually after one year of training.


The Evaluation is conducted by the instructors of the Hawthorne School, acting as a jury. It consists of three tests, probably advancing from easier to more difficult. Depending on the warlocks' prowess, he will be assigned a level ranging from one to four, four being the highest possible level and equating said warlock to the power of the Supreme. So far, not even experienced warlocks such as the instructors or the High Chancellor of the school have ever reached level four, as being male makes them generally inferior regarding magical prowess when compared to their female counterparts.

The first trial consists of a variant of Divination, Scrying. This test is performed in front of a mirror, where the instructor will ask the student to locate an item placed within the limits of the Academy.

The second trial puts the students' skill at Transmutation to the test, called Salire per Spacium by the instructors. The instructors may even hurl blunt and sharp objects at them with Telekinesis as motivation to trigger this power; the apprentice has to dodge said objects by teleporting around the room.

The third and final test asks for the warlock to use Stiricidium to change the climatic conditions within the room, such as causing a snowfall or other weather alterations.

After the Evaluation has been conducted, the jury will assign a level to the warlock and he will be able to keep pursuing his studies of the magical arts at the Academy.


The Evaluation is conducted by the instructors of the Hawthorne School on Michael only after a month since his arrival. Ariel, having high hopes about his potential to be the Alpha, arranges the jury of instructors in order to test his abilities. While Baldwin and Behold are quite excited to test Michael's powers, John Henry Moore is visibly tense at the prospect, as he knows that the rest of the staff are not simply testing Michael's powers to assign him a level, but to push their own agenda in case of him fulfilling their expectations.

Ariel then explains the structure of the test and Baldwin confesses that all the instructors are level three warlocks, making them inferior in power to the Supreme. Behold then tells Michael that by seeing his rapid progress in the use of sorcery, conducting an accelerated test is justified.

Baldwin asks, as the first test, to find the book "The new Adam and Eve" through scrying, which entails the use of a mirror in order to locate it. Michael not only reads Baldwin's mind regarding the book, reciting its name before Baldwin does, but he also pulls the book from the mirror, which seemingly is a very advanced form of Scrying. All instructors are impressed by his feat, but John Henry Moore is concerned by the fact that he did not do as they asked of him.

As the second test, Baldwin requests Michael to use Transmutation and dodge several objects telekinetically hurled at him in order to motivate him and trigger his powers. Michael effortlessly teleport around the room and to the ceiling, passing the test.

As a final test, the jury requests of him to use Stiricidium and change the weather within the room in order to create a snowfall. After some concentration, Michael manages to perform, only to fall into a trance, pushing the use of Stiricidium even further and creating a full-blown blizzard. He keeps fueling the snowstorm until Ariel yells at him to stop, awakening him from his trance; Michael would then have a slight nosebleed, probably due to the effort.

Ariel and all the instructors are completely euphoric at his powers, as they can do some of what Michael did, but not all of them. They seriously consider calling an emergency meeting with the Supreme in order to ask her to administer the Test of the Seven Wonders. John is again the only one opposing the idea, arguing that Michael almost killed them during the Stiricidium test, and tries to convince them that Michael's magic has a malevolence about it. However, the rest of the instructors dismiss his concerns except Behold, who starts doubting John's devotion to their cause.

So far, Michael Langdon is the only person to have completed all of the tests of the Evaluation correctly and having a level of four.