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Wendy Peyser is a grade school teacher and the illicit girlfriend of Lana Winters. She is a character in Asylum portrayed by Clea DuVall.


Wendy is the live-in girlfriend of Lana Winters and a third-grade teacher. Despite having a closeted relationship, they love and respect each other. Her betrayal of Lana to Sister Jude leaves her distraught. Her fate upon meeting Bloody Face is revealed when Lana escapes the asylum.

Personality and Appearance[]

Wendy is a woman of convictions but is more fearful of social opinion than her partner. With a stable job, she is likely the breadwinner and has more to lose.

Despite her youth, she would be described as a "spinster" for being an ostensibly single woman in pursuit of a career rather than a husband. Because she dresses for simple utility and eschews makeup she might also be described, by the less polite, as "homely".


Lana is upset over her failure to get the scoop on Briarcliff. Wendy gives her a pep talk and convinces her to continue her pursuit and win a Pulitzer. After Lana's abduction and incarceration, Sister Jude blackmails Wendy into signing a statement claiming that Lana is mentally ill, lest she exposes their relationship, which is both taboo and illegal. Though she initially refuses, she succumbs to her fear and chooses her career over Lana.[5]

Two friends try to cheer up Wendy, who is crying over the fate of Lana, but she is beyond comfort. The doorbell rings and though one of the girls warns about the killer on the loose, the door is answered anyway to reveal day-early trick-or-treaters. Wendy reminds them that the killer has already been captured, but remember that he's being kept at Briarcliff with Lana, she breaks into another fit of tears. She is later confronted by Bloody Face after a shower. She begs for her life as he raises his weapon.[6]

Lana enlists Dr. Thredson to deliver a message; he finds that their home is empty and believes that Wendy may have fallen prey to Bloody Face.[7]

Wendy's unconscious and frozen body is seen lying on the floor in the middle of Thredson's workshop. Thredson reveals that he took out her teeth and added it to the Bloody Face mask.[8]

Wendy appears in a flashback when Thredson explains what he did to her to a curious Lana. Thredson had intercourse with Wendy's corpse until he was able to climax. Upon Lana's escape, Thredson dismembered and disposed of the body to hide evidence.[9]

Wendy appears in Lana's hallucination at her book signing, angered at Lana's watered down their relationship in "Maniac". Wendy was only referred to as being Lana's "roommate", and complains she was made to seem more asexual and irrelevant.[10]


  • During the period, many areas prohibited homosexuals from teaching children by enacting laws against it. In addition to laws against homosexual sodomy, Sister Jude's threats against Wendy were very possible.
  • In early cast listings (and the history of this wiki) she was called Wendy Paisa. Likely a misunderstanding born of the show's use of Boston accents.



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