William Baxter is cheating on his wife Loraine with her friend Celia Jacobs. He is a character in You're Going To Die In There.


William was married to Loraine, who stayed home as a housewife. He was cheating on her with her close friend Celia Jacobs. A hospital report clue says that Loraine once came with bruises claiming she was mugged, hinting William may have physically abused her. When she found out he cheated, it appears Loraine murdered William and pickled his body in jars, not unlike the ones Charles Montgomery kept aborted fetuses and animal parts in.

Personality and Appearance

William appears to be in his late 30's, has dark hair and eyes, and wears glasses. He appears to have a calm demeanor, despite being a cheater.

Objects / Evidence

Several bloodied jars containing body parts are seen on the shelf behind a woman's corpse in the 1950s kitchen. The police report clue lists "William Baxter" as a murder victim.


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