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Wren is one of Elizabeth's blood-sucking children. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Jessica Belkin.


Wren's father was a drunk who would often go out without even telling her. He also openly fantasized to her about how he would make her his "little lady" when she was old enough. One day in 1986, he took her out and made her stay in his parked car in front of the Hotel Cortez while he went to go drink at the bar. Soon, The Countess found her and saved her by making her one of her afflicted blood-sucking children.[1]

Personality and Appearance[]

Wren has pale skin and blonde hair as all of Elizabeth's children. She also wears a school uniform.


After refusing to talk to police about the Ten Commandments Killer, Wren is settled at the West Los Angeles Health Center. After stealing the keys for the restricted ward because he knows that someone connected to the killer is in there, Detective John Lowe finds Wren in one of the rooms. She explains that she was with the killer every time he committed a crime and even killed a security guard at the church so he wouldn't catch him. She also reveals the story of how she became one of Elizabeth's children. John asks her if she would tell him who the killer is if he gets her out of there and she agrees. However, when coming out of the hospital, Wren says that he has to go to the Cortez and commits suicide by running in front of a truck.[1]


Wren was turned by Elizabeth in 1986. She possessed all of vampiric powers.

  • Immortality - As a vampire, Wren was not susceptible to human weaknesses, thus being immune to all aging and disease. However, she was still vulnerable to physical injuries. As a reuslt, she was easily killed by herself.
  • Conversion - As a vampire, Wren was able to spread her supernatural virus onto human beings by letting humans drink some of her blood, therefore transforming these humans into vampires.
  • Enhanced Senses - As a vampire, Wren was naturally superior to humans in almost every way, possessed of otherworldly senses which allow them to easily overcome mortals:
    • Night Vision - The ability to see in the dark.
    • Heartbeat Detection - The ability to hear a human's heartbeat.
    • Blood Smell Detection - The ability to identify specific individuals based off the scent of their blood, allowing them to track others over long distances.
  • Enhanced Strength - The ability to exhibit strength beyond a normal member of the user's species. Vampires are easily able to rip out a human's throat to drink their blood.
  • Enhanced Speed - The ability to perform motions, or movements, at a speed and effortlessness that surpasses that of a normal member of the user's species.
  • Hissing - As a vampire, Wren had the ability to emit a loud hiss, similar to a bat, when threatened or angry.
  • Concilium - Vampires possess some limited control over others' minds, which they often use to seduce hapless men and women.


  • To John: "I really like you.... I hate to see it end."



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