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Xavier Plympton is an aerobics instructor who lands a summer gig as a counselor at Camp Redwood — bringing all of his friends along for the ride[1]. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by Cody Fern.


Prior to becoming an aerobics instructor and a counselor at Camp Redwood, Xavier had a history of past drug abuse and was found by Blake who cleaned him up. Xavier did work in gay pornography for Blake in hopes of furthering his acting career, despite identifying as straight, cementing that it was only "gay-for-pay" work.[2]

Xavier claims he's a method actor trained at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He met Montana Duke while driving to an audition for one of the last episodes of the TV series M*A*S*H when she rear-ended him. After that, they “dated for a hot second.”[3]

Personality and Appearance[]

Xavier is a man in his late 20s or early 30s. Xavier has frizzy, short, dirty blonde hair and he is very fashionable. Xavier used to be very ambitious and nice and he wanted to save others. After he died and became a ghost, Xavier became ruthless and bloodthirsty.

Xavier used to be a drug addict and was brought under the wing of Blake. Xavier later became a gay porn star and was blackmailed into doing another film, but he did not want to, instead wanting to be a real actor believing he is method.


In 1984, Xavier leads a "Slimmercise" aerobics class for Montana Duke, Ray Powell, Chet Clancy, and Brooke Thompson. Montana and Brooke meet and bond in the shower, and Montana introduces newcomer Brooke to the others. Xavier describes the terror that the Night Stalker is wrecking on Los Angeles, and that he is escaping to the re-opening Camp Redwood to avoid the murders. The others are convinced to join him as counselors at the camp. Brooke demurs, saying that she can't afford to miss her summer college courses.

The group makes a pit stop at a gas station in the town of Red Meadows. Xavier checks his answering machine messages from a payphone, which includes a threat from an angry man who knows where he is going. Ed, the gas station attendant discovers they are headed to the camp and warns the group that they are going to die, and that the camp should not have been re-opened. They appear to hit a man along the road, but the amnesiac man has older injuries. They agree to take him back to the camp for medical attention.

Xavier and the group meet the owner, Margaret Booth and Chef Bertie, that quickly put Xavier on his place after one of his snarky remarks. Later, the counselors gather around a fire and Nurse Rita tells them of the incident from 14 years before: the worst summer camp massacre of all time. The janitor Benjamin Richter slaughtered an entire cabin, but Margaret claims she survived.

After they meet activities director Trevor Kirchner, the counselors, Rita, and Trevor watch the opening Olympics ceremony and a frustrated Chet injures Ray's hand. Brooke seeks medical supplies for him, as Rita chooses not to assist. Brooke returns in a clear state of shock claiming she was chased by Mr. Jingles and that the hiker is dead, but the counselors find no proof of it and believe Brooke is lying.[3]

Trevor describes to the boys his experience with Montana, as they walk towards the showers. Xavier leaves to get his soap and towels. Xavier is grabbed and pulled into the back of a car, where Blake confronts him. Blake, who found him via his forwarding address, blackmails him into acting in gay porn. Xavier offers to find a replacement and leads him to Trevor in the shower. Blake observes via a peephole while Xavier runs. When, later, the others find Blake's body, Xavier is distraught, but denies knowing who Blake is. Trevor discovers that Blake's ear has been cut off and they are under siege by Richter.

Xavier tries to get the van started and the counselors attempt an escape, but they collide with Margaret's car before they can get away, distracted by Rita in their path. She tells them that Richter is back. Both Rita and Trevor have vehicles that can take them individually, but neither has keys. They leave in two groups to retrieve them. Trevor's group can't find his keys either, and Xavier breaks down sobbing that it's all his fault for bringing Blake. Both doors are pounded from the outside, someone wanting in.[2]

Montana, Xavier, and Trevor are attacked by a group of unseen assailants, revealed to be local townie pranksters, Larry and Keith, dressed as Richter. The real Richter proceeds to murder the pranksters, while the counselors escape and take refuge in a nearby shed, only to discover the real Nurse Rita tied up and gagged. They free her and she attempts to escape, but is promptly murdered by Richter. They run into Ray and Trevor gives Ray the keys to his motorcycle, sending him and Montana to call for help at a nearby phone booth. Xavier and Trevor discover Chet in the pit and pull him out, before accidentally killing Wide Load, assuming that he was Richter.[4]

Trevor and Xavier take an injured Chet inside one of the cabins. Chet soon falls unconscious after losing so much blood. Trevor decides to stab Chet in the chest with epinephrine pen in hopes of waking him up. Chet jolts up in an adrenaline rush. Trevor explains that they need Montana and Ray to arrive with the cops. Chet explains that Ray left him to die and was responsible for a death back in L.A. Xavier suddenly remembers Blake and that his keys are still in his vehicle. Trevor suggests taking Margaret and Bertie with them. Xavier agrees and decides to fetch Bertie, while Trevor goes to get Margaret.

Xavier finds Bertie making sandwiches in the mess hall. He tries to convince Bertie that they are in danger and she needs to come with him. Bertie doesn't believe Xavier initially. However, after hearing the sound of keys, Xavier hides under the table. Mr. Jingles walks in much to Bertie's surprise. Bertie starts to nervously chat with Mr. Jingles while she makes him a sandwich. However, their conversation is interrupted when Xavier accidentally makes a noise and Mr. Jingles is suddenly aware of his presence. Mr. Jingles tries to kill Xavier until Bertie interferes by striking him with a kitchen utensil. However, it doesn't work and Mr. Jingles maims Bertie. Mr. Jingles places Xavier into an oven, leaving him to cook in the heat.

Xavier screams for help, an injured Bertie is able to release Xavier from the oven. Xavier wants to get help, but Bertie places a knife to her chest, implying that she wants Xavier to kill her out of mercy. A tearful Xavier does so and is devastated. He is shocked to find out that his face is also badly burnt.

Xavier makes his way out of the mess hall and is frightened when he sees Richter. Brooke runs into him and Richter is nowhere to be found. The two run back to Blake's car, only to find it on fire.[5] Xavier has a melt down and Margarert knocks him out due to self defense. The others bring him into a cabin. Xavier wakes up and talks to Montana but when Donna says what she really did with Jingles, Xavier goes to kill her. Xavier later kills Benjamin for Margaret but Margaret kills Xavier.

In the afterlife, Xavier and Montana become a couple and they kill the visitors. Xavier and Montana steal people's items and Ray disagrees with the murders that Xavier and Montana are commiting.

Benjamin is captured and brought back to Xavier and the other ghosts. Xavier takes Benjamin to his mom's cabin. Xavier appears to Rameriez and he takes Rameriez to Ritcher's body but Xavier is then stabbed by Ritcher. Benjamin is later captured by the ghosts and Xavier tells him how he feels. Xavier, Larry, and Keith later stab and tie Ritcher to a boat and they leave him to die.

Xavier spends the rest of his afterlife killing Rameriez to keep Bobby safe. Xavier is later seen killing Margaret. Xavier is last seen awaiting to kill Margaret for a second time.


  • Xavier: "Well, it's L.A. Do any of us really know each other?"
  • Xavier: "I'm a serious actor. I trained at Stella Adler. I'm method."
  • To Margaret: "Ever heard of the sexual revolution? Sex won!"
  • To Margaret: "You gonna make us pray the boners away?"
  • To Blake: "What the hell, daddy?"
  • To Chet: "If I kill you, I'm so sorry!"
  • Xavier: "I have breathed the fire of a thousand white-hot suns!"
  • To Donna: "It's your fault I'll never be on the cover of TV Guide!"
  • To Donna: "It's your fault my future is in radio!"
  • To Richter: "When you put me in that oven, you cooked up your worst nightmare, asshole!"
  • To counselors: "Stop raining on our blood parade!"
  • To Ray: "Being good got me nowhere, but being bad feels really good."




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